Full-time at ZA/UM as a writer, narrative designer, and marketer — and loving it. Also do some narrative consultation from time to time…


“For Pinstripe, I reached out to Chris Priestman and asked him to play Pinstripe and offer his opinion. He was super generous, played it, and basically said, ‘game is fine but here’s a giant list of the things that really need work.’ Just like QA, this is a terrible and beautiful experience at once. Terror and fresh clarity all from a single paragraph in an email on your phone. My wife will tell you that I cried like an idiot in the middle of the Publix deli aisle when I got this email. But I took a couple deep breaths, and rose from the ashes! Thing is, many of the concerns brought forward by Chris were absolutely necessary and super easy to fix, but ruined the experience for him in some regard.”
– Thomas Brush, Atmos Games


I’m primarily a creative writer working on videogames. In the past I’ve worked as a journalist, conceptual marketer, and editor. I’m based in Bristol, UK. My interests include: videogames, architecture, internet culture, interactive stories, fashion, gender and sexuality, modern art, and saving the planet.

As a commercial writer, I’ve delivered successful integrated marketing campaigns for Blizzard, Capcom, Amazon Game Studios, Twitch, and ArenaNet. This includes video, social media, and editorial. I’ve written features for publications as a journalist for Edge Magazine, The Guardian, IGN, VICE, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Eurogamer, Kotaku, and many more.

I founded the videogame curation website Warp Door, and act as associate editor of the games and architecture zine Heterotopias. I’ve previously held editor positions at Kill Screen, PCGamesN, Indie Statik, and Indie Game Mag.