Below are the videogames I’ve worked on. Click on the titles of the games to go to the relevant page to either play, buy, or for more information about them.

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut


Wrote the newly-added ultraliberal quest and one character for the fascist quest. Edited entire game, managed and produced The Great Internationale (all translations of the game), contributed marketing copy for trailers and press materials. A million other things and a dream come true.

Humans Must Answer


As the narrative designer, I wrote the back story, in-game messages and signs, and any other English text such as credits for Humans Must Answer – a gorgeous shmup about two chicken space pilots trying to investigate our solar system.

Digital Bath

Digital Bath

I wanted to make something bleak and confusing. I also wanted to experiment with the first-person perspective and Unity. The result is a two-minute adventure across a glitchy black lake, touching screaming monoliths.

The Death Of Analogue

The Death Of Analogue

As part of Porpentine’s first Twine Jam entitled the “Big Trashy Twine Jam“, I made The Death of Analogue across a couple of hours late at night.



Working with Mayto, the French developer, I helped to localize Worlds for an English audience.