Announcing Warp Door

I’m starting something new.

Over the past couple of weeks, since leaving Indie Statik, I’ve been itching to get back into my old routine of sharing obscure and wacky games with people. So it didn’t take any persuasion at all when Tim W. approached me with the idea of starting a website together.

Today, I’m announcing Warp Door.

Warp Door is quite different to previous websites I’ve worked for before. Tim and I have been thinking about how we want to run a website, and how dire it can be for people just getting started in writing about games. It’s not easy, and most people will never earn a single penny from writing, unfortunately. We want to move in a direction that aims to change that, if we can. We also don’t really have the time to make advertising deals and the like if we want to focus on writing, but we do need to cover our bills and the costs of the website.

Therefore, Warp Door is going to be entirely Patreon funded. We want to see if it’s possible.

The idea behind this is that it allows Tim and I to focus on what we love doing, and getting paid for it, too. We also want to bring on new writers, who we’ll support financially (not entirely, of course), we’ll also help them to become a known writer and, if necessary, give them pointers to improve their writing. They’ll also learn how we find the obscure games that we do, how to talk to developers, writing different styles of articles, and so on. Then, at some point, we’ll see what kind of self-funding they can get through Patreon or anything else that enables that.

If they manage to raise enough funds that they can support themselves, they’ll then be able to write where ever they want (they won’t be attached to Warp Door), and if that includes with Tim and I, then so be it. The money used to support that person’s writing will then be used to help another writer out until they can become self-funded, and so on. We’re hoping this works out, but if it doesn’t, at least we would have tried to improve conditions for upcoming writers, and hopefully spurred on the thoughts of others who may be able to find another model that works.

What is Warp Door?

Okay, now that’s somewhat explained, I’ll go over what Warp Door is all about and what we intend to do with it.

We’ve deliberately avoided having a title with the name “indie” in it, simply because we don’t want to specify our interests with a term that causes arguments due to being so vague. We have a much clearer idea of what we’re looking to do than what that word means. Plus, there’s just so many websites with the word “indie” in them, that we feel it wouldn’t be distinctive enough.

The focus of Warp Door is finding games that are unusual, wacky, bizarre, short, confusing, schlocky, touching, weird…I could go on. Anything that sticks out for its creativity and imagination, and sometimes the message or craft gone into it, too. We’re not being too fussy, as we do want to cover indie games as a whole, but we have that focus driving us.

You can expect to see a lot of free games being written about on Warp Door, then. We’ll also be covering commercial games on occasion, especially if we they fit with our focus, of course. Some news will be written, probably lots of previews of upcoming cool games will be supplied, and thought/opinion pieces of topics relevant to what Warp Door is all about will appear from time-to-time. Oh, and developer interviews / profiles is something we want to do quite regularly, delving into their library of games, discovering their influences, as well as their creative processes.

That’s all I’m going to say for now. Once we have the website up and running, you’ll be able to see and feel what we’re going for, and hopefully you’ll be as excited as us for it. I’m so, so glad I have the opportunity to work with Tim, as he’s one of my personal heroes, and it’s because of him that I’m even into and know of the kinds of games that I love and try to share with people.

It’s also great to hopefully have some freedom without other pressures effecting me and my work. We just want to share the things we find with people and cover our bills while doing so.

The final thing to do here is to link to mine and Tim’s Patreon pages, then. If you’d like to support us, you can do so by spreading word of the website when it goes live (soon), sharing our Patreon pages, and letting us know of any cool games you find, too! If you can spare a dollar or two then I can’t thank you enough for your support. In return I’ll make sure to find lots of games for you to check out, hopefully discuss some interesting topics, and make sure to listen to any improvements to my coverage and the site you may have (all of that will be available to everyone else as well).

Tim’s Patreon page:

My Patreon page:

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