R.I.P. FreeIndieGam.es, Long Live FreeIndieGam.es!

On April 10th, one of my favourite websites, FreeIndieGam.es, came to a halt. For the past couple of years, the good people over there have been taking it in turns to share free indie games that probably wouldn’t have been seen otherwise. I checked it almost daily, anticipating what else would turn up there with some excitement.

So it was a shame to see it stop. But I can totally understand the reasons as to why that happened. They’re all busy people and FreeIndieGam.es was a passion project that they all contributed to voluntarily, using up spare moments to hunt down games and post them on the site.

Those of you who follow what I do (I’ll never understand why you’d do that) will know that I announced a new project a couple of months ago. It’s a website called Warp Door that Tim W. and I are starting up. We’ve been busy attending to other parts of our lives since, but we’ve also been talking with people, interviewing them, and discussing what we want Warp Door to be, as well as sharing some games on social media occasionally. But Warp Door is still a way off from launching properly.

However, with FreeIndieGam.es now gone, we felt the need to step up and attempt to fill the hole it has left. As such, we’re going to soft-launch Warp Door in a very, very basic form. Essentially, it will be a vertical blog that simply shares the games that we think are worth playing. The focus will be free games primarily, but we’ll also throw in some commercial games as well, and present them in the same format, albeit a price tag will be included somewhere.

So, each post will have the game’s title, the author, an image, maybe a video, and then a description provided by the author. That’s it.

When launched fully, Warp Door will be much more than that, but for now we want to be able to contribute to sharing games where FreeIndieGam.es no longer is.

As to when the soft-launch will happen, it will be VERY soon. Technically, I could share the link right now, but the website just needs some tweaks. It might be tomorrow. It might be the start of next week. That’s the time frame we’re looking at.

One last thing: Tim and I aren’t opposed to the idea of having others join us in sharing games on Warp Door. We’d prefer to have more hands on deck, so to speak, actually. Maybe a couple more people would be ideal.

However, we cannot pay you for your time ourselves. That does not mean you can’t get some payment for it, though. Warp Door is entirely Patreon funded, and as such, Tim and I have our own Patreon pages where people donate to us so we can do what we love over on Warp Door.

If you want to join us and set-up a Patreon page too, we’ll happily help spread the word and link to your Patreon on the website. Hopefully there will be some generous souls out there who can help you pay your way, if you wish. This kind of set-up isn’t quite what we want for the full launch of Warp Door, but we will be using Patreon to fund the site and its writers regardless.

So, if you’d like to help out with Warp Door, you can! But we’re only looking for a couple of people, and even then we want to ensure that you’re able to find the kinds of games we’re after and share them on the site and across social media as required.

And that’s it for now. If you want to ensure you’re aware of when the soft-launch of Warp Door happens, follow Tim, myself, or Warp Door on Twitter. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “R.I.P. FreeIndieGam.es, Long Live FreeIndieGam.es!

  1. ludovic says:

    I can’t really help with filling a blog with games but I spend most of my time tweaking website. If you need hand on that deck too, I would be glad to help.

  2. Josh Mathews says:

    I was really sad to see FreeIndieGam.es go but I’d love to help with Warp Door! Finding the strange games is my jam. I don’t know if you need some kind of proof with links and stuff but I can give them to you if you’d like!

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